So I have been looking up a lot of videos lately about how to do short films on a (pretty much $0) low budget. Its been really helpful! I found a few awesome videos on how-to and even people who created a beautiful short film using only an iPhone.

Rain Dance Film Festival’s website has a great list of tips about how to make a short film with no budget. Although a few things do not completely apply, since I’m making a trailer rather than a full blown out story, most of the elements of this article still apply. Here is a quick list of the key points, for further reading just click on the link provided above!

1.The story really does matter.

2. Location can make or break you.

3. Choose a camera that fits your script and budget.

4. Sound is what makes the scene a good scene.

5. Oh, and music too!

6. Be organized before you begin filming.

7. Those friends you asked to be your actors….yeah, that may not have been the best idea.

8. Get your video out there!

9. No matter the reason for filming, know what you ultimate purpose is.

10. And remember, there is no such thing as luck!


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